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Ninos Con Fe

Ninos con Fe Casa Hogar   


     The Ninos con Fe Casa Hogar is an orphanage in Tijuana that houses, feeds, teaches and cares for about 35 children. Live Love Foundation provides financial support, school supplies, food donations and building projects. We also arrange mission trips to visit the children, attend celebrations with them and to bring gift offerings.

     The foundation has built a new classroom for the orphanage and has donated computers that were made available by SD Futures. There is plenty of room for the children to gather and learn with the newly built classroom.  We have built a baptismal pool and improved the grounds.

     The foundation provides gifts for the children at Christmas and is regularly corresponding with the director about updates with the children and caregivers.

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Cristo Vive

Iglesia Cristo Vive


     This church in Tijuana is pastored by Frank Bianco and his wife, Alicia. They are ministering to many families and have a special outreach to the children in the area and are able to pick them up in the van that Live Love has donated to them. The love of Christ is being shared through their ministry by the Bible studies, activities, worship services and food provided.

     Live Love Foundation is a contributor to their supplies and financial needs. The foundation has also financed building upgrades and repairs for the church.

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The Navigators Bailey Family Ministry


     Live Love financially supports the ministry of the Navigators in San Diego. It is a military ministry that reaches naval personnel with the Gospel and Christian fellowship. Ryan Bailey and Nathan Smith work alongside the military chaplains to teach, counsel and make disciples among military personnel and their families. They are passionate about our military and want to share the transforming power of Christ’s love. 

     Ryan Bailey currently lives in Coronado with his wife and 2 children. They have been involved with the Navy since 2016 and God has called them to serve our military and veteran community here. God is leading them and using them to build His Kingdom and make Jesus known as they meet them on base, ships, aviation squadrons and throughout the city. Recently, Phil Downer, a Vietnam machine gunner who came to faith in Christ and is still serving The Lord at the age of 70 was invited to speak to the military personnel. There were around 700 sailors in attendance and between 50-100 of them prayed to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Savior! God is always moving and sometimes He moves a lot of hearts at once.

     Nathan Smith also lives in Coronado with his wife and 7 children.  He leads the small group Bible Study and Life To Life discipleships.  Through this ministry, he works alongside U.S. military staff and chaplains to help meet the spiritual needs of service personnel and their families. “We serve those who serve our country.” 

Here’s a helicopter view of where they are making an impact:  

  • Tuesday night Bible Studies at First Baptist Church of Coronado

  • Wednesday night Ladies Bible Study

  • Family Game Nights

  • Beach Days

  • Sunday Services

  • Sunday Night Disciple Makers Group

  • USS Carl VinsonHSC 3HSC 79USS T. RooseveltSeal Training, Seal Teams 1,2,3,4,5,7 and the Surf Pac

     The Bailey Family and Nathan Smith have been called to take the good news of God's love to the Navy and spread the message of the Kingdom of God from one person to the next. The Live Love Foundation is blessed to support the work of God through this outreach. If you feel led to make an impact for Christ with the military, please join us in gifting them with prayer and support.


Iglesia Capilla Calvario Tecolote


     Live Love is a financial supporter of this church and its ministries. We are happy to share that we are building an expansion to this church because of the growing congregation. We are adding a larger sanctuary. One of the biggest impacts of this church is its outreach to women and their children. This church is a blessing to many and Live Love is blessed to be a part of their ministry impact.


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