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Warriors Rest

Warriors Rest was founded in 2019 to serve brave warriors, their families, and communities that confront evil head-on. Whether it be the fight for justice or the truth, we know the toll it takes to be on the frontlines day in and day out. We had noticed in our own lives a serious lack of effective programming to really come alongside our own communities, and it had become increasingly clear that programming alone was not what we were yearning for.

We have places that focus on the restoration of individuals and families that have endured and also places to come alongside those that have been rescued. There are places to get away, safe, secure, and most importantly, no agenda.  Most importantly, we found a town that is full of like-minded people who want to get involved with serving the least of these, the restoration of the innocent, the pursuit of justice, and the proclamation of the truth throughout the whole earth. To truly walk humbly before the one who created all things, who has good purposes for us, who has a burning passion for the lost, and who wants to see His love and justice rule the earth. It is when, and only if and when, we kneel before the King and submit to Him. 


One of the biggest components of trust is safety. Whether it be physical, intellectual, or emotional, Warriors Rest is a refuge from the storms of life whatever they may be.


Whether it be fun in the sun or snow, pushing yourself to the limits outdoors, or literally re-creating yourself through music, arts, or newfound hobbies, you are welcome to settle in and let the fun and relaxation begin.


Restoration is not easily measured, it is dramatically felt. So we journey together through openness, truthfulness, being fully present, finding refuge, and meaningful recreation within the intentional community of Warriors Rest.

Sound of Silence Cross Carry

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At Warriors Rest, carrying the cross is not a regularly scheduled event. Instead, it is kept on the side of the building, and whenever the Holy Spirit guides the men, they carry it. Director Neil Dyer refers to this act as "Locking Shields on the Front Line of Ministry."  Adding, “They rarely finish without tears” 
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