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Niños con Fe, Casa Hogar

     The Ninos con Fe Casa Hogar is an orphanage in Tijuana that houses, feeds, teaches, and cares for about 35 children.  Live Love Foundation provides financial support, school supplies, food donations, and building projects.  We also arrange mission trips to visit the children, attend celebrations with them, and to bring gift offerings.

     The foundation has built a new classroom for the orphanage and has donated computers that were made available by SD Futures.  There is plenty of room for the children to gather and learn in the newly built classroom.  We have built a baptismal pool and improved the grounds.  We have started Phase 3 of the New Boys Transitional Home for those who age out of the orphanage.

     The foundation provides gifts for the children at Christmas and is regularly corresponding with the director about updates with the children and caregivers.

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